a Music & Media Management Student's notebook.

About Natalie McNulty

I am a third year Music & Media Management student at UoG, founder of UniSESH and general development manager to EDM/Hip-Hop Artist Samuel Louis.

This blog serves to act as an archive for the work and research I have achieved during my time at university.

I grew up with an increasing fascination in how music brings people together and is used in a vast array of different situations. It is mind-blowing how music, a string of delicately
placed sounds, can tap into and emphasise our emotions, causing fear, excitement and laughter whilst also being the cause of 90,000 people completely captivated by the acts playing at Wembley Stadium during an event like Capital Summertime Ball.

 Music has become an international platform for artists to raise
awareness, exhibited by Band Aid in 1984, with the recurring hit ‘Do they know it’s
Christmas’, showing that music is one of the most influential industries. Through my
experiences at festivals and concerts, I have found that my passion lies within the
behind-the-scenes work that goes into planning a tour; finding consecutive venues to travel to, whilst minimising travel costs, negotiating time on stage and finding adequate support acts for the headliner’s demographic.

I have seen how the music industry is constantly advancing with new technologies and those who work in this sector have to adapt continually, as the focal point of the industry has changed from selling records to sourcing other ways of income, largely through annual touring and appearances, vastly shortening the turnaround time from producing and releasing each album. I enjoy challenges and thrive on working to a deadline and under pressure. I pride myself on being organised and efficient and recognise the importance of communication and self-drive to
achieve successful outcomes. During my last years of school, I organised multiple concerts, directed my house play and performed in and coordinated the annual dance show involving 75 dancers. This introduced me to liaising with artists and technical crew, overseeing the set-up of the correct instruments and props, rehearsals and sound checks. Providing a platform on which young performers could excel was very rewarding.

During my first year at uni, the highlight was our ‘European Tour’ to Prague, where we got the first opportunity to manage an artist campaign abroad. During my second year, I set up an events management company called UniSESH, and we put on 3 gigs and one Livestream throughout the year. The events grew each time and we made some great connections with artists, technicians, producers and other businesses around Cheltenham that we partnered with, for example, MooMoo’s Clubrooms.

This photo is from our first group trip to Prague, Czech Republic where I managed indie band Indigo Haze through their first gigs abroad.


As a school prefect, I really enjoyed the responsibilities that I was given in my final
year. Being deputy head of house I was encouraged to develop my leadership and
organisational skills and communicate effectively with parents, staff and students. I
recognised the importance of setting a good example to my peer group and younger years and being a supportive figure within the house as a mentor to other students. I have had the benefit of learning first hand of how to motivate and instruct people through volunteering to run a climbing tower activity for younger pupils and managing a team for Young Enterprise. I really enjoy working as a member of a team and being challenged both mentally and physically. My Gold DofE expedition was an example of this, as we endured extreme storm conditions whilst in the mountains.

 The original source of my inspiration has come from watching the rise of Scooter
Braun’s management company, SB Projects. In pursuance of my ambitions, I have a willingness to learn about the technical processes of the industry with the growing importance of social media, whilst also having a large interest in the legalities involved in copyright and royalties.