I have been working with SamueLLouis on a trial basis circa 1 month now.

His previous releases prior to management have included:

‘Take It No More’ (Released on Soundcloud) with only 111 link clicks on FaceBook and 127 listens on Soundcloud 2 months after release.

‘Lazy Boy’ (Released on Soundcloud) gained only 28 listens in 4 months.

‘Lazy Boy’ Music Video (Released on YouTube) gained 798 views in 6 months.

‘Attack Mode’ (Featured alongside Beekay and ADubz) released on Soundcloud through Facebook gaining only 227 views, 17 likes and 3 shares in 6 months.

Looking through his previous releases they have each lacked a promotional campaign, fresh content and have had minimal between-release online presence.

SamueLLouis has a lot of new material that he wants to be released, in his words, ‘as soon as possible’ so he can move on to make his next project.

RED FLAG – you can’t just dump a load of new music out of the blue onto the internet somewhere and hope enough people might click on it and take it upon themselves to share it with everyone they know until the songs a hit….. unfortunately I explained that the music business doesn’t work like that. Great things take time.

This artist, in particular, has multiple songs in many different genres, which, yes, shows incredible diversity – however, when starting out and trying to form those ‘true 100 fans’, there needs to be a base to SamueLLouis.

To form SamueLLouis into an artist