Student Arts & Media Festival – Hosted by UOG

My idea for a specialist festival would be an arts and media festival hosted by the students within UOG. It will be held in Park Campus. It would be a week where students get the chance to showcase their work to their peers and members of the public. It would include a line-up of:

  • pop up art displays and galleries
  • photography rooms
  • live music miniature gigs
  • film showings
  • live video broadcasts
  • live radio interviews
  • dance shows
  • student-run plays
  • comedy night
  • student company stalls allocated
  • gaming rooms demonstrating/promoting student-made games

The festival would be aiming to appeal to the students within UOG and the surrounding community of Cheltenham and Gloucester, as well as professionals within the entertainment industry.

This would be a great opportunity for students to promote themselves whilst they are still at university, as a greater attraction would be drawn to a multi-entertainment collective of work and start-up ideas from students, that would usually be drawn to each individual.