Our main event went perfectly to plan, it was on time and we made a steady profit.

One negative response that we got was a lot of backlash from the music students around UoG that saw the name ‘Taught VS Natural Talent, raising the point that it implied that the music students didn’t have any natural talent. We took this feedback into account, apologised and explained to those offended, and have been a lot more careful with naming following gigs.

I learnt a lot during the process of putting this event on, one of the biggest things I took away was the power of speaking to people face-to-face. I have since tested this method for our most recent Indie gig, by taking 100 A5 posters and handing them out on the walkway MooMoos one week exactly before the event, in which we got to tell a lot of people about UniSESH.

We also had a few issues with getting Freezacrowd to the event as they didn’t have any transport from Coventry to Cheltenham and back. As they were an established 3-piece, we really wanted them to headline the gig, but couldn’t afford to pay their train fare, therefore to get around this problem Vinisha drove to Coventry to get Freezacrowd. They then stayed the night with Jade, as they are close family friends. This caused one member of the team to be absent for just under 4 hours on the event day, which meant that we were more understaffed than usual.

We also had issues with having 3 entrances to the venue, I learnt from this by suggesting we use the spray painted UniSESH backdrops for our follow-up gig to create a partition between the bar and the stage/audience area. This allowed us to get around the problems we had previously had with not being able to man all entrances, and those without tickets could no longer complain that they weren’t able to use the bar without buying a ticket to our event.

A very positive aspect that came out of this event was the recap video that iD50 produced of the night, gaining our most likes(30), shares(24) and views(3K) yet:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 22.00.44

All in all, I really enjoyed this event and will definitely be putting on more Hip-Hop inspired events in the future.