At the launch of UniSESH in November 2017, we first wanted to test out a range of gig ideas within UOG, using different genres/themes, venues, artists, prices and promotional deals to see what works on a small scale. We can then take this information at the start of the next academic year in late August/early September to start emailing and visiting other university campuses to gain connections with them/their students to expand UniSESH. As we have run this test year, we have accumulated a good amount of content, along with in-house connections, to be able to create a worthy presentation to take to universities nationwide.

Collectively, one of the first things we did was create a SWOT Analysis:

UniSESH SWOT Analysis 2018.png

From the outset, we wanted to separate job roles, to make it clear which areas we all contributed to. Vinisha became Head of Finance & Artist Liaison, Jade took up the role of Head of Technical & Partnerships and I managed the Social Media, Marketing & Branding throughout the events.

I also created a survey and asked what peoples interests are and what they preferred in terms of genre. In this survey, we found out that one of the main reasons why students do not go to events is because of the fact that their friends do not go. We also found out most are willing to pay and that 84% of students want to support university artists.

Here are the results:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 20.07.53.png

The survey helped us to come up with the concept for the first gig – ‘Acoustic Sessions’, which then led to our main event ‘Taught VS Natural Talent’ as we had covered the indie genre already, and wanted to give Hip-Hop a go, as it was the next logical test genre from the survey results.

From here onwards we started planning for our main event.