The gig itself went to plan, with a longer promotional period showing better results than the previous event. On the night, we made a £76 profit, after deciding to ‘donate’ the items we bought for the gig, which displays a rise in attendance from gig 1 to gig 2.

On the night, Vinisha was in charge of greeting the artists, making sure all contracts were agreed and that the artist requirements were met. Jade was overseeing our new sound engineer set up the PA kit, whilst I went to print off last minute notices that ‘this performance will be filmed’, ‘artist area only’ and ‘do not remove the chairs’. The staging and PA were provided by the SU, due to the small venue sizes we always make sure the lighting is provided by the film crew for the night and the set design was made by Jade, Vinisha and I.

To make the operational plan for the evening a bit easier, I printed out multiple copies of the Set List, Contract, Business Plan, Risk Assessment and Kit-List to put in each of our individual UniSESH clipboards on the night. I bought clipboards to make it easy for each of us to have all the information we may need if something went wrong or an artist or member of the audience asked a question. This allowed us to each be independent during the event as we all had the same level of information in front of us at all times.

At the start of the gig the turnout was low, so one of our DJs, J-Kush, came on a walk with me around park campus study rooms and halls carrying flyers, tickets and a portable float of £20 as a selection of different change. In doing this, we managed to gather a crowd together and fill up the room. However, the majority of the audience came for the Hip-Hop second-half of the event at 9pm, meaning that we ended up with a much bigger turnout than we first thought.

The artists performed very well and there was constant entertainment all evening due to our sound engineer and well-rehearsed DJ’s. We decided to reward all those involved behind the scenes, artists and DJs with one free drink of their choice during the gig, paid for by Vinisha at her discretion.

After the last act, DJ J Kush played her closing set and we started to pack everything away. I drove the DJs, and the set decorations back home, whilst Vinisha drove our film crew for the evening, iD50, to their house to drop the film/lighting equipment off. In doing these favours, we have built up good relationships with contacts within the UOG entertainment micro-sector.

Below is the video evidence of our second gig: