The limited promotional timeframe meant that a small number of people watched live, however straight afterwards I boosted the post to a specific audience and has started gaining traction, meaning that for the next live stream we do, we should attract more of an audience.

Below are screenshots from the boosted post, along with evidence of audience specification:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 19.28.05.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 15.55.31.png

The reason I chose to target males between the ages of 18-26 is due to the Facebook statistics we have been getting from previous posts about our last Hip-Hop gig:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 19.36.43.png

In a future broadcast event, I would definitely make sure that any equipment we are using is test-run before the artists arrive. However, the recording quality of the stream went surprisingly well, Jade managed to get a good mix between the volume of the backing track to the loudness of the artists’ voices, which came across very well live.

We also found that when the video was uploaded by facebook afterwards, only on some devices the sound cut out in parts and you had to pause the video and click ahead to regain sound. This is something that we will look into in the future and make sure the same doesn’t happen again.

The low point of the broadcast was when we had technical issues at the beginning, leaving the artists standing in a very small, stuffy room. This led them to go outside and wander off, leaving Vinisha and I to go looking for them. Next time, if there are technical issues in doing a complicated set-up, I have learnt that simplicity is better than nothing at all. Simplifying the process didn’t take away from the quality of the broadcast, however, it should have been sorted out sooner.

Nevertheless, it was a unique broadcast idea that allowed upcoming university artists to showcase their talent to a nation-wide audience, which is a broader audience than they would usually get through performing in Cheltenham. The artists enjoyed themselves and spoke about their wishes for us to make this a regular occurrence, for example, monthly live streamed freestyles. This is definitely something we will consider for the next academic year.