After speaking with the others on the team, we agreed to follow the new concept of a Hip-Hop style freestyle/interview live stream. Due to me already having a close relationship with the artists, I then created a group chat with them to discuss.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 19.14.26.png

After the artists were secured to perform, we needed to find beats we could use for the freestyles that could not put us at any liability for copyright. I knew Benjamin Kelly made beats himself, so I asked him if he would be willing to provide the beats if full credit was given to him.

In case this was not an option, the contingency plan was to use free beats from YouTube and credit the producers in the introduction. However, Ben agreed to use his beats and bought a large selection that he had made for the three of them to pick a few they were comfortable with before we went live.

Vinisha and I then booked EW019: the voiceover booth for 7pm-9PM for the 15th of May. Initially, the both of us had spoken to multiple Film and TV students, trying to book out a green screen so we could live stream ‘around the world’ as they freestyled about hardships in some countries of their choice. However, we found that the screen was not bookable, and after verbally speaking to film technician Sam Roberts, we found that we needed specialised training for us to be able to use the green screen because of the complicated lighting system that is connected to it. After finding this out, we moved on to the vocal booth idea because of the simplistic format of the live stream. We both went to the room to test out internet signal strength for the live stream, which turned out to be very strong in that room, aiding our decision to choose it as our location.

As Vinisha MCs all of our gigs, she took charge of writing and asking the questions for the interview part of the live stream, and I directed the order of events within the broadcast. I chose the order of the broadcast to consist of:

  1. A small introduction
  2. Freestyle
  3. Two questions relevant to the group
  4. Freestyle
  5. Two questions relevant to the group
  6. An exclusive first performance of the artists’ collaborative already–released single ‘Attack Mode’
  7. One question relevant to the group
  8. One wrap-up question about where to find the artists online

Due to the dead-ends, we were reaching with previous Live Stream ideas, it set us back in time by a long way to put on the event. When the artists agreed to be a part of the live stream we were given only one date that they were all free on, which happened to be 24 hours after we secured them. This led me to have to rush promotion, and we did not have the luxury of time to drip-feed information as we normally do before an event.

Below are screenshots from the UniSESH social media pages for the broadcast event, I chose to use capital letters in the immediate post along with the bright fire emoji to attract attention.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 15.57.50.png