Here is a link to our live broadcast video:

On the night, I drove to pick up the artists from the other side of Cheltenham to make it more worth their while. When we arrived, Jade decided to try and set up the equipment to be able to play music through the speakers at the same time as recording through the microphone, however after an hour of technical difficulties, we made the decision to not record through the vocal booth mic as it was causing an echo in the room, and instead we put all faith into my iPhone.

Below is a screenshot from the live stream to show our set up, whilst filming I made sure I cut the corners of the room, desk, members of the UniSESH team and the door out of the shots. I also had to make sure I changed camera angle when the artists moved out of sight or the microphone hid their faces.

Due to the professionalism of the artists we booked, the live freestyles went very well and we had no issues whilst on air.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 19.28.05.png