Initially, for the live broadcast, we wanted to gather together a group of musicians in an outdoor setting and have a live jam sesh BBQ. However, we needed the weather to be predicted as sunny, clear skies which meant that we had to wait until weather predictions came out.

After continuously trying to find a suitable date, we decided to change the concept instead of going around in circles. Instead, we took note from events that we had previously put on, where we found that Hip-Hop events drew in a larger audience. We found this out after getting our biggest turnout and profit of £76 from our Hip-Hop event, as well as the post-promo video gaining the most traction online.

I thought of a new concept, taking into account the contacts I have at the university. An artist I manage, Sam Burgess (artist name – Samuel Louis), collaborated on a song called ‘Attack Mode’ with first year’s Benjamin Kelly and Aaron Eagles (artist name – A Dubz). During their time making the song, they would often spend their breaks freestyling to beats together. I took this knowledge to the rest of the team, along with my concept of a freestyle/interview format live stream with the three boys.