I created a mock-up EPK for Indigo Haze, this allows us to have a template to utilise when they launch their EP which is set for January 2018. An EPK is important as it allows artists to send out information on their current releases or as in this case, their initial release. The information provided allows the recipient of the EPK to have a taste of who the band are, see gigs they are playing, look into their social media trail and sample the music attached to it.

EPKs are usually sent off to labels, booking agents and many different forms of press in the media. This helps reviews to be written prior to general release and press releases to be in the same branding as the whole EP launch.

EPKs main use is usually promotional, and the better it looks and the more it draws in the recipient, the better.

I used images in the kit that the band are particularly proud of as they have some amazing memories from Prague, Czech Republic, from when they performed there in February this year. The single that this specific EPK was made for was written after their trip to Prague after an incident in a fast-food shop with a local. I wanted to use images and information that fit with the single and showed off their stage presence, countered with their single artwork being from the day the song was written, giving a full sense of authenticity around the new band.