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I designed these webpages for the website I went on to create using Adobe Dreamweaver. The concept behind it was to create one place any musician in the world could delve into and post parts to songs they had written and give the chance for another musician somewhere to provide other parts to the song; Collaboration. For example a guitarist may have just written a guitar part, they can post it and then a drummer could see that and join the track by adding his drum part etc. This gives a chance for amateur musicians around the world to discover new sounds and have a chance to work in multiple genres with many other people to gain experience, knowledge, and write some great songs.

I also wanted the website to feature its own management service, connecting top songs and artists to streaming and distribution services and providing song split sheets and copyright agreements for all involved.

The DISCOVER page would feature the most played songs made on the site and will hopefully provide inspiration for new artists joining. More established artists can also pay for a spot on the CREATE page and set up competitions with an audition feature to let the masses have a chance to feature on their track, whatever instruments they are looking for, it will all be categorised.