After watching Beers Interview , we took inspiration from this for our location for the interviews, we wanted it to have a laid back, stripped down feel on the sofas. We have chosen not to have the interviewer in the camera shots because of the nature in which we wanted to use the footage. At the time of filming, we decided that we could use this footage to make a range of videos, some short promotional videos just taking a few words, actions or sentences of the boys and also a longer, more in-depth interview to show who Indigo Haze are to people who have never met them in time for their festival debut.

I think the interview and the questions were appropriate for the band and picked up their sense of humour and gave insight into the band dynamic.

After filming, looking at the footage we took it was noticeable that the colours of the boys’ outfits, the wall colour and the sofa were not aesthetically appealing. We took away this issue in post-production by using a sepia-inspired black and white filter, which fits perfectly with the indie image that they are trying to portray.

The interview: Link