I wanted to document the process of talking a snap for my mini project to explore the thought processes that go behind the perfect selfie. 1. If it’s too dark – find a light source, preferably natural. 2. Face towards window for optimum lighting. 3. Test out camera angles – going from underneath the chin is the most unflattering angle. 4. What are you trying to say in your snap? The face does all the talking, make sure to get the right amount of smirk to smoulder ratio. 5. Try out those filters! 6. Think about who is receiving the snap?! Your crush = use the cute section, bunny ears, squirrel ears, cat. Your bestfriend = use the face fixers, the elongated smile, big grin and comic book looks. 7. You try out the cute filters and decide that today is just not your day. 8. You give the silly filters ago hoping that it’ll cover your ever changing face. It doesn’t. 9. You give up… a foot pic is what you land on to ask the world for some company, a snap purely destined for your snapchat story to gain attention. 10. If you are still unsatisfied or nobody has replied to said Snapchat story after announcing you are ‘bored’, you must then add another. Passive aggressively writing ‘so tired 😴😖😭’ just to let the world know now not to disturb you… even though they weren’t anyway.